Our Services

The DESOS SERVICE offering

Dental Rotating Instruments

We repair and maintain your straight and contra-angle handpieces, turbines as well as other dental instruments which are connected to your dental unit.

Lab Handpieces & Micromotors

We repair and maintain your Lab Handpieces and Dental Micromotors.

Dental Hoses/Tubing

We repair or exchange your dental hoses/tubings, may it be air- and electro-leading hoses.

Dental Handpiece Management

We help you and your clinics with dental handpiece managment and process optimization.
This may be through repair statistics or by supporting meaningful economical decisions on the purchase of new instruments. Please contact us for more details by phone or Email.

What makes the DESOS SERVICE So SpeciaL?

Using the best of Two worlds to support our customers.


The Digital World

We have developed a unique Online Repair Portal.

No Paperwork – Fast Repair Registation 24/7 – Always Up-to-Date.

The World of Precision Engineering

All our repair hubs are trained and certified on what they do. We use either Made-in-Germany or OEM parts.

One Quality Standard throughout Europe

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